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What's the story behind Made Tribe?

Made Tribe was born out of Made eCourse, a multi-week course in the fall dedicated to exploring our faith through God-centered creativity. Made eCourse was created by Beth Morey in 2013. She invited me to stand in her stead for the 2014 session and in the process of coordinating that I felt a nudge to connect with Creatives year-round. I've seen time and time again in my own life and in the lives of others, how God uses art to meet hearts. To heal them. To know them. Made Tribe is a way to offer that through our encouraging community and through the Made Tribe Sparks creativity prompts. Please join us?


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VOLUME 15          VOLUME 30

Behind the Curtain:

Anna K. Pasquale | Made Tribe

Hello! I'm Anna K., a self-taught artist who delights in exploring a variety of mediums. I share my passion for cultivating and enjoying the cathartic benefits of creativity on my website, Anna K. Originals. When I'm not immersed in artsy pursuits, I'm laughing with my Hubby, chasing after our two boys, all while blatantly ignoring the laundry pile. 

You can find me here: